Crabbydroid was a happy hermit crab living a simple life with his family under the sea. Unknown to him at the time, the side of the sea he called home was situated by an industrial estate where Global Mech Ltd. had established its headquarters. Little by little, the water around his family’s habitat started turning green and, before long, trash actually started to cover the seabed.

After a massively successful Black Friday Campaign in which they sold thousands of Positrons, Global Mech threw 200 tons of mechanical waste into the sea. Tragedy struck, right on top of Crabbydroid’s family. He was devastated, and made it his job to warn everyone else in his area that they must protect themselves. Otherwise, they would be next. He started gathering pieces of trash - which at that point was pretty much everywhere - to build himself an armor, a mechanical exoskeleton that served both as a protection and as a weapon. The problem was that the armor, which made him look very impressive to most creatures in the sea, wasn’t well-received by his fellow crabs. Crabbydroid was told that he looked like a jellyfish, that he had lost his mind, and that he was an ex-crab, among other comments.

He felt so alone… he had lost his family, estranged by the crab community… he was forsaken. But he didn’t give up: He kept on improving his armor, making it bigger, scarier, and focusing on the damage he could deal with it; and he changed his strategy. He thought, “if I cannot make everyone protect themselves from the enemy, I will destroy the enemy”. And he knew just the right date to act.

On the anniversary of the tragedy, right before they could ruin what remained of the crabs’ habitats with their trash, Crabbydroid activated every engine on his armor, he rose above Global Mech’s headquarters, dragging all the trash from the seabed, and he dropped it on top of the factory, destroying absolutely everything.

There’s no doubt that Crabbydroid’s days of having to hear mocking are over. It’s most probably the end of Global Mech too.

Crabbydroid is a Water Control monster, and a member of the Forsaken collection. He has a huge variety of Control status effects, including Stuns, Freezes, and MegaFreezes. He can also Torture his enemies with effects like Drowned, Nanovirus, Shock, and Thunder Weakness. His attacks excel against Water Monsters, but he can also boost his allies by giving them Water Hater and Precision. Crabbydroid has an evolving trait: He's Tough at rank 0, gains Immunity to Freeze at rank 1, Trait Protection at rank 3, and he becomes a Shock Status Caster at rank 5.