In the run-up to Halloween, Necromancer was rummaging through the old scriptures locked away in Count Vlad’s dust-ridden library. Sick of pretending to play by the rules, he searched for a spell to put an end to the Count’s reign once and for all. He stumbled across just the thing. Written in an almost unintelligible calligraphy were the steps to bring back a monster so powerful that, if he were controlled correctly and made to serve Necromancer, nothing could stop them. Who? Lord Pumpseed. Only the most feared Fire Control Monster to have ever existed; renowned for his merciless Tortures and ability to corrupt anyone that stands before him.

All Necromancer needed was a simple list of three ingredients. For a task so apparently easy, and in order to erase all trace of his involvement were it to fail, he ordered the only too abiding Hayman to do the dirty work. The first two ingredients were provided – an enchanted chain to ensure the resurrected beast would be obedient forever, and the suitable attire for such a horrific creation. Everything about the plan seemed to fit into perfect place, as the third and final ingredient was a rotten pumpkin – something Hayman had carried for as long as he could remember. The three components had to be thrown together into the bottomless well hid behind Count Vlad’s castle, at midnight, when the moon was at its highest on All Hallow’s Eve.

Surely enough, when the night arrived, Hayman crept through the shadows and found the well where the spell would be cast. First, he threw down the enchanted chain and clothing. He then paused briefly to bid farewell to the rotten pumpkin but, suddenly, BANG. How could a bottomless well make such a sound? Realizing he must have got the wrong one, Hayman scurried nervously around the land and, sure enough, saw a second well. He no longer had the chain or clothing for the spell. Would it work? Without thinking, he grabbed his dirty hanky and a stick and threw the pumpkin into the correct well.

Necromancer’s plan backfired enormously. As the castle clock struck twelve, Lord Pumpseed rose from the depths of the well, dressed almost comically, and unchained. The foolish Hayman had managed to bring back to life one of the most powerful monsters, with nothing forcing him to obey Necromancer’s orders.

Lord Pumpseed is the fastest Fire Control Monster ever, who uses Corrupted (Exclusive Possession) and Cooldown Activation to control his enemies. His skill set also boasts MegaCorrupted, and stamina removal skills. In order to deal Damage, he relies on Tortures like Burn, Ignite, Bleed and Nightmares. He can also give a 3 Turn Death Countdown to all enemies and allies, who would, in turn, be protected by Lord Pumpseed's area trait. He also has an evolving trait; Gravedigger and area immune to Insta-Death at rank 0, adding Tough at rank 1, and Status Caster: Minor Blind to all enemies at Rank 3. Finally, at Rank 5 he gets the optimum trait for any Control monster; True Vision.