All Devastator has known his entire life is the Supervillains’ Hideout. Malair took him there when he was nothing but a big, bulky, terribly strong baby, and he has no memory of anything before that event. Malair had never told him about his origins or his family.

So... imagine his surprise when he was fighting Malair’s battles at the arena and was faced with an opponent who looked pretty much like a female version of himself! He had no idea who she was, and she destroyed him in the fight! He was left really confused by the whole situation, but Malair didn’t give him time to think and, as soon as the battle was over, he approached him and told him: “Devastator. Home. Now.” Devastator obeyed his master and went back to the Supervillains’ Hideout without any questions.

That night, when everyone was sleeping at the Hideout, there was a deafening noise and the monster who had won that day on the battlefield appeared out of nowhere, screaming “I AM HERE FOR MY BROTHER!”. The word “brother” hit Devastator like a rock. He was suddenly completely aware yet so furious that Malair hadn’t been honest with him that, for the first time in his life, he disobeyed his master’s orders and left the Hideout following his newly discovered sister.

Once they had reached a quiet place, the monster introduced herself as Devastress. She told her brother that Malair had kidnapped him from their home when he was a baby and she thought that he was dead, that’s why she hadn’t looked for him until now.

With his new freedom and his new family, Devastator now feels better than ever, but he also feels challenged: He’s not the strongest one anymore!

Devastress is a Magic attacker with Pierce skills that allow her to hit enemies through any protective spells, damaging them regardless and applying Curse, Blind or removing positive effects! As if that wasn’t enough, Devastress has a trait that evolves through her ranks; Hardened at rank 0, Tough at rank 1 and she becomes a Status Caster at rank 3, with Area Random Debuff, which applies negative effects to all enemies as soon as the battle starts! As a protective sibling, Devastress can keep her allies safe with Shields and Health Regeneration.