Faraday was created by General Uria with the sole purpose of humiliating VoltaiK, but he ended up betraying his creators almost as soon as he hatched out of his egg. Faraday was looking for excitement and power, so he started looking for allies, and he’s finally found the perfect one! His name is Hornet, a cold-blooded Thunder villain with unusual skills that will both surprise and scare his enemies. A very dangerous alliance is born!

Hornet is a very -very- fast Thunder Debuffer and Support monster. He can also deal lots of damage, but don't bother equipping him with Strength runes: He removes Life by percentages! His skills include positive status effects removal, Nanovirus, Blinding, Damage Reduction, and Guard Down. With his Support skills, Hornet can remove his allies' negative skills and protect their positive effects. Hornet has an evolving trait: He's Hardened at rank 0, gains Area Dodge at rank 1, and Anticipation at rank 3.