Once upon a time, there was a glorious dynasty of monsters everyone knew by “The Lizards”. The Lizards were known for their might and their riches. However, the Lizards had a strange way of understanding wealth. They didn’t believe that riches should be transferable, but that instead, they should be earned, so everyone of them worked very hard their entire life to accumulate as many jewels and as much gold as they could, and when they died, they were buried with their treasures. There was something else that made the Lizards unique: They were extremely selective with their relationships. For this reason, each generation of Lizards had fewer members than the previous one, until it got to a point where the last generation had just one member: Ugluk. Ugluk started fighting by his family’s side and accumulating riches to make them proud since he was a baby, but when his parents got old and died, he was left alone. The pressure of maintaining his family’s glory got the best of Ugluk and, little by little, he went crazy. To this day, he spends all his time in the dynasty graveyard, keeping tomb raiders away from his ancestors’ remains and riches.

Big and bulky thieves have no chance against Ugluk: He's an Earth Heavy Attacker, and he's exceedingly effective against Tanks. He has multiple tortures and attacks of different elements. He can remove half of an enemy's Life or 30% of the Life of all the enemy team in one hit. He can also Megastun one enemy and apply Taunt Hater to himself! In some of his skills, he can gain an extra turn, which makes him deadly.

Ugluk has an evolving trait: He's Immune to Control on rank 0, he becomes a Status Caster on rank 1, applying Quicksands to the enemy team at the beginning of the battle, and he adds the Tough trait to that combination at rank 3.