Zunobia was a treasure hunter like so many other, but she wasn’t getting too far until she realized that, in order to get really rich, she was going to have to go places no one else wanted to go and do things no one else wanted to do. That’s how she found her perfect job: tomb raider! Most monsters would cringe at the idea of breaking into graveyards and mausoleums, but Zunobia does it with only one thing in mind: the treasures that go underground with their owners.

Zunobia is a Dark Attacker with Pierce abilities. She can apply numerous debuffs to her enemies (Guard Down, Major Damage Reduction, Block Positives) and also some Tortures (Curse and Poison). It doesn't end there: Zunobia can gain Damage Increase, Evasion and Stamina Regeneration. Her Trait is Tough evolving at Rank 1 by adding Immunity to Blind and becoming a Status Caster of True Vision at Rank 3.