Global Mech Ltd., creators of M-2 Wyvern, are back with a new design that will be the best accessory to any monster team. Positron is the perfect companion for attackers with big egos: It is here to stop enemies and make allies shine. Customer reviews say: “Make space for Timerion’s successor!”

Positron is a Metal Control monster with Possession and Cooldown Activation skills. His Trait is Hardened at rank 0 and it evolves, gaining Status Caster: Allies Cooldown Protection at rank 1 and Blind Immunity at rank 3. He has a unique skillset which doesn't include any attacks that deal direct damage. This is great to avoid the powers of relics that are triggered upon damage dealt. With a single move, Positron can apply Possession and activate cooldowns. With another one of his moves, he can remove positive effects and apply double Possession. He also supports his team by removing negative effects or giving Area Dodge. Finally, he can also apply Tortures like Drowned and Nanovirus.