There are monsters who never have enough. Darmith and Kaih the Eradicator are that kind of monster. They had big lands and more riches than they could count, but they always wanted more so, after some time keeping a low profile, they made a comeback that everyone would talk about: They burned down the heart of the forest. It takes real evil to destroy something so magical and so precious, but that was exactly what they wanted to demonstrate — that they were the ultimate evil force. Nevertheless, there was something else they also wanted: gold sap, the substance that made the trees in the heart of the forest magical.

The creatures of the forest couldn’t do anything to stop the attack. After all, in the last years they had faced the largest number of attacks in their entire history and by the time Darmith and Kaih arrived, they were exhausted and disarmed. Thus, the Fire conquerors burned it all down, but when they started digging the soil where the trees’ root used to be for gold sap, the earth started to quake, and a giant golem made of rocks and gold rose up, screaming in rage. It was Hyperia.

Darmith and Kaih had heard about a Hyperia, a mythical titan that lived in the forest’s ground, but they had never made the connection that the creature feeding the trees with gold sap was actually that titan. The second they realized who it was, they started running, but there was no escape — they had stripped Hyperia from a part of its being and it was out of control.

The titan caught Darmith and Kaih and it imprisoned them in a hole in the ground. Until this day, they remain there hoping someone from the Fire Legions will rescue them before Hyperia completes its vengeance and finishes them in the name of the forest.

Hyperia is a MegaTaunt Tank with high damage attacks and an Evolving Trait. It's Immune to Stun at rank 0, becomes a MegaTaunt Status Caster at rank 1, and a Damage Mirror Status Caster at rank 3. It's able to remove positive effects before dealing massive damage and applying Shock to all enemies with a single move. It can also Daze all enemies and apply Quicksands with its Attacker skillset, but what makes Hyperia a dangerous Tank is that it can cast Taunt and a 100% Damage Mirror with a single move.