Team Wars is a feature where you can join a team to make new allies or create your own team to play with your friends and battle with other real teams from all over the world.

Every team member starts the war with a pool of 15 War Coins. Your Coins can increase by stealing Coins from opponents during Attack Day or decrease by those Coins being stolen by opponents. The number of War Coins earned in a battle will depend on the number of monsters surviving the battle. The Team with the most War Coins at the end of the war wins.

The Team Zeppelin unlocks at
level 16

Team Wars has 2 phases:
Preparation Day & Attack Day- Preparation Day: During this phase, players must select the monsters they want to have defending their pool of War Coins which need to comply with the limitations set by the War Rules. War Rules dictate a specific rarity, book, or element for monsters in a team.

During Preparation Day, players can also visit their enemies’ bases and see which monsters they select to defend their bases.

Attack Day: During Attack Day, each player will be able to perform 6 attacks on different enemy bases to try and steal up to 3 War Coins: 1 for every monster that survives the battle. After every battle, attacking monsters will go into recovery. To attack again, the player must decide if they want to wait until their monsters are recovered in order to use the same ones again, speed up their recovery using Gems, or choose another set of monsters that comply with the War Rules.

Team Wars contains Trophies - a representation of the team's strength and has its own rewards - War Medals and War Coins.

It is supported by:
Leagues: a ranking progression from Bronze to Legendary defined by how many Trophies your team obtains in Wars.
Matchmaking: Where teams are matched for a war based on their Leagues and Trophies