Malair had always hoped that when his daughter grew up, they’d make the perfect team of Magic villains. He didn’t predict that she’d grow up much more powerful than him and not be interested in fighting by his side. Madam Fusion was an ambitious monster and she had big dreams.

She started visiting the arenas and showing off her skills, and it wasn’t long before she found the perfect partner: VoltaiK! His skills perfectly matched hers, but the thing she liked most was that her father hated him! At first, this union was purely strategic, but little by little, it turned into something else. Now, much to the anger of Malair, VoltaiK and Madam Fusion are partners both inside and outside the battlefield.

Madam Fusion is a Magic Support Extra-Turner. She has different skills that remove positive effects, disable traits and clean negative effects, and then, she comes back with an extra turn. She can also recharge the team's Stamina without spending any of her own Stamina, make her allies Immune to Blind, and protect them against Cooldown Activations. A true Support specialist designed to go with other extra-turners!

Madam Fusion has an evolving trait: on rank 0, she's Hardened. On rank 1, she becomes a Status Caster, gaining Self-Evasion at the start of every battle, and on rank 3, she adds a Positive Effect Protection to her Status Caster ability.