For years now, Hackster has been using encryption systems to protect precious information about the strengths and weaknesses of every monster in the multiverse. His work guarantees the balance in battles, but now he has detected an intruder in the system! And it’s a dangerous one: Zorgon! Zorgon has made his way into the monster database… so what now? What could he do with the information? Use it himself or maybe… sell it?

Zorgon is a Dark Attacker with some key debuffs. He can apply Hack, which bypasses Immunities to Possession. He can also apply Guard Down and Blind. Zorgon is an immediate death threat to monsters from the Mechanical Book: When he gains Mechanical Hater, he will deal Triple Damage to them. Lastly, he's Immune to Possession and at rank 3 he also becomes a Status Caster who gains Area Dodge at the beginning of every battle.