Ever since this beast of alien origin appeared on Earth, different teams of monsters have been trying to contain its lethal attacks. Every time someone finds a way to control Zizania, it changes its behavior and becomes even more terrifying.

Zizania is the first monster with the new Pierce status effect. Pierce will allow attacks to penetrate all defensive effects, like Evasion, Mirrors, Shields, Taunts, Area Dodge, Elemental Immunities, etc. This Metal Attacker's Debuffs, Tortures, and vampiric moves drain its opponents' health with extraordinary effectiveness. But it doesn't end there: Zizania is also the first monster with an evolving trait: On rank 0, it is Hardened, on rank 1, Immunity to Daze is added to the Hardened trait, and on rank 3, Zizania also becomes a Status Caster, applying Pierce to itself at the start of the battle.