Dr. Marihelson left his home many years ago to spend some time in the abandoned hotspot of the World Water War. As an expert on nuclear weapons, he wanted to investigate how a seemingly standard conflict between different factions of Water monsters became a nuclear massacre./n/n

He had planned to stay in the area for a few months, but his fascinating discoveries resulted in his investigation lasting years. Now he’s back home with plenty of precious information, but he’s changed… a lot. His continued exposure to radiation, while living his life in solitude, have made a massive impact not only on his personality, but also on his physique. Now, Dr. Marihelson looks nothing like the kind and handsome monster he was when he left. He’s become a truly monstrous and frightening creature./n/n

Dr. Marihelson is a Dark Control monster with skills that can apply Stun, Poison, and Curse. He also has skills that can heal both allies and enemies, but he can apply Reverse Healing to enemies, so there are several strategies you can follow. Dr. Marihelson has Abomination as a trait and, at the start of every battle, he makes himself Immune to Freeze.