Everyone in Hell hates Saulot, but not because of his cruelty or his bad manners - Hell’s inhabitants are perfectly okay with that. They hate him but because of his annoying pet dog: Mephisto. He’s a lazy heavy beast who walks around the place barking, biting everyone, and drooling liquid Fire. However, as much as they hate this stupid dog, no one stands up to him, because he’s terribly tough… and dangerous!

Mephisto is a Fire Tank with Mega Taunt skills! He protects his allies and with the right skills, he can pressure his enemies' Stamina. He also has skills that apply different Tortures. His Demon trait makes him Hardened and Immune to Burn and Ignite. And good luck getting to Mephisto, because at the beginning of every battle he will cast Mega Taunt to himself.