With the battlefield getting tougher and tougher these days, all monsters strive for excellence, but there are two creators in particular who have made it their goal to rule all the fights! Ingenica and Hackster have joined forces and, after a long research and lots of hours in a secret lab, they have created an unstoppable artificial intelligence being: Mirak!

Mirak is a Metal Control monster with a flexible skillset that allows you to build her as a Support monster if you need. Her trait is Hardened and she casts a random area Protection at the beginning of every battle, which will be a great start for the team! Mirak can apply random control and random Tortures to her enemies and also Blind them at the same time she removes their positive status effects and applies Nanovirus to block any new positive status effects! Her skillset also includes Control and Torture immunities in one move, making her a very flexible monster.