Hookuai is an old friend of Cryotan’s. They’re both big fans of mass destruction, so they’ve always worked well together. However, when Cryotan was captured and taken to the Chaos Fortress, Hookuai was hugely disappointed. He never thought his friend could be so weak as to fall into that situation. Now, Hookuai is coming to free Cryotan, but he has one condition: In exchange for his freedom, Cryotan will fight under Hookuai’s command.

This Water Attacker has very high damage skills, as well as multiple Tortures, like Bleeding and Sunburn, but he can get even more dangerous by boosting himself with Precision, Damage Increase and Positive effect Protection. All those boosts in one move! Enemies will have no way of escaping from his fury when he activates their cooldowns. On top of his impressive skills, he has two traits: Anticipation and Immunity to Control!