The Inheritor has been trying to take the Throne of Hell for a long time, and even though he is stronger than Barbatos in battle, he doesn’t have as nearly as many supporters as his enemy. The Inheritor’s determination was unstoppable, he resorted to going to the darkest corner of Purgatory, where he found Pierceid.

Nobody has ever dared to look at Pierceid, let alone go near her lair, so The Inheritor hopes that by having her by his side, all the creatures of the Underworld will fear him more than ever, and more importantly, fear their newfound alliance more than they fear Barbatos himself.

Now the question is, why would Pierceid stand behind someone weaker than her? What could The Inheritor have offered her to gain her support?

Pierceid is a Dark Cooldown Activator and Possessor. She can apply Possession and activate an enemy's cooldowns, as well as applying Tortures (Nightmares and Curse) to them. She has skills that allow her to apply a 3-turn Death Countdown, and even paralyze her enemies from stopping the countdown! Her trait is Abomination (Immunity to Possession, Nightmares, and Bleed) and she can cast True Vision upon herself at the beginning of the battle.