During his time in power, the invader Warthak didn’t rule the tribe of miner dwarves alone, he did it with the help of a cabinet. It’s not like anyone in the tribe actually wanted to help, they were just scared of the consequences of refusing to assist Warthak. Whatever the reasons behind the formation of Warthak’s cabinet, Babari still doesn’t trust its former members. Some of them spend their days apologizing for not being brave enough to face the invader, but there’s one dwarf who has had enough with leaders, no matter who they are: Nabuline.

As if serving Warthak hadn’t been horrible enough, Nabuline was now going to have to face endless distrust from Babari, so she decided to leave the tribe and go her own way.

Nabuline is an Earth Control monster. Her Immunity to Control makes her unique amongst other Control monsters. Her skills include Stamina Removals, area Double Stuns, and single-target MegaStuns!

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