Thetys, Korzorg, and Frosilka spent a lot of time together since they were very young, maybe because they all had something in common. Thetys’ mom, Thalassa, was away for many years, fighting as a Warmaster; Korzorg and Frosilka’s dad, Gorg, was away too, but not because duty called, it was just that he wasn’t much of a family monster: he was a lonely hunter.

Gorg started by hunting little Mersnakes and Sealions, but that wasn’t taking him anywhere, so he started looking into ways of making his hobby a big business. After a while, he found the answer in the Bestiarium Exhibition Center. They were building a new exhibition ward just for Sea monsters but the monsters they had were Rare at best. That wasn’t enough to attract masses of visitors, so Gorg seized the opportunity, took it as a challenge, and started providing the Bestiarium with extraordinary Epic and Legendary eggs, so that the monsters in those eggs were born in the center and grown in captivity, thus avoiding

Now Gorg is so rich that he wouldn’t need to hunt anymore if he didn’t want to, but the thrill of getting rarer and rarer eggs keeps is what keeps him going. He has filled the Sea ward in the Bestiarium Exhibition Center almost single handedly!

Gorg is a fast Water Attacker with a skill set designed to disarm enemies from positive status effects before attacking. He can apply Tortures (Poison, Drowned and Shock) to the enemies as well as some debuffs (Daze and Guard Down). Additionally, he has several extra turn skills with both single and area attacks, and several self-buff attacks in which he applies Sea Hater to himself, along with Precision or True Vision. His Trait is Freeze Immunity and he applies Shock to all enemies at the start of the battle.