This fire toad used to live in the gardens of the Light Kingdom with Prince Charmless, but Princess Bella Baal was terrified of him, so he left to go where his value would be appreciated instead of feared: by Firyna’s side! When Firyna was born. She was cursed by Barbatos with internal fire. However, she turned out to have a noble heart, but Barbatos is still out there waiting for his chance to get to Firyna again and take her to the Underworld with him.

So… should Firyna worry, then? Absolutely not. Not only does she have her own powers, but she also has the protection of her faithful servant: Marquis de Flambe.

Marquis de Flambe is a Fire attacker with Anticipation. He's the best to deal with extra turners. Marquis' skill set includes Tortures (Sunburn, Ignite, Poison, and Burning) and single-target Stuns along with heavy-hitting attacks. He can reduce the enemy's Precision by using attacks with Blind.

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