Saika used to work as a Light guide for lost travelers. When she retired, her granddaughter Kassia took over the job and she was there whenever there was someone in need or didn’t know which direction to take. You’d think that this job couldn’t possibly make her any enemies, but that’s not precisely true: One of the things she would always do was to advise travelers against visiting Monstelvania given that, the moment they’d get there, they’d be drowning in taxes designed to take advantage of the uninformed. The gold from those taxes went straight into Count Vlad and Countess Flawless’ treasury, so when Countess Flawless found out that Kassia was ruining their tax income, she sent her guard to kidnap Kassia! Now Kassia is trapped inside the Castle of Monstelvania, but she won’t be there for long, because Saika has decided to come out of retirement and teach that Countess a lesson!

Saika is a Light Control monster who can Freeze and reduce her enemies' Precision, applying debuffs and tortures. She has several Support moves that allow her to boost her allies, clean their negative effects and make them Immune to Control. Saika is Immune to Freeze and can cast an Immunity to Possession for all her allies at the beginning of the battle.