The brutal war between Bandses and Akhenotep wasn’t looking good, especially for Akhenotep. One day, his advisor Viperhotep told him “If we don’t turn this war in our favor now, we will lose. You know who we need to call”. “I don’t know if it’s a good idea”, replied Akhenotep, “Dunn Ra doesn’t just help whoever summons her, she chooses who to protect, but I guess at this point we don’t have a choice.”

That’s how Akhenotep and Viperhotep decided to wake up the grand protector of the free realm, Dunn Ra. They traveled through the desert until they reached her. She stood in front of them like a massive rock and the ground shook as she opened her eyes. “How dare you wake me up?”, she said with a firm voice. At that point, the ones shaking were Akhenotep and Viperhotep.

“We need your protection, great Dunn Ra, we would never ask for your help if it weren’t necessary”, said Akhenotep.
“My protection belongs to the ones who deserve it. Have you brought imperial offerings to deserve my help?” asked Dunn Ra.
“Offerings? Well, I’m sure I have a golden beetle somewhere. I can give you that.”, said Akhenotep.
“A golden beetle? That is only one of the five imperial offerings. If you cannot provide all of them you are wasting my precious time. You are not worthy of my protection.”

And before Akhenotep could reply to that, Dunn Ra rose and walked away.

The war continued and, without Dunn Ra’s help, Bandses won. However, Bandses hasn’t gained Dunn Ra’s protection either. She is still traveling the Monster Legends multiverse, looking for someone worthy of having her on their side.

Dunn Ra is the first representative of the new generation of Tanks in Monster Legends! Her Life stat is massive and her skills include some heavy debuffs, including Damage Reduction and Blind. Dunn Ra is the first monster with the MegaTaunt skill! MegaTaunt allows Dunn Ra not only to block single-target attacks but also to attract all the area skills. That means that Dunn Ra will get a triple hit from any area attack (and get all the effects too), but her allies will stay safe and sound behind her. She also has something that up until now, only Nemesis monsters had: a fourth tier of skills that will be unlocked upon rank-up!