When Talika found little Yimburbur lost in the forest, she thought she would raise him so that he could become a forest counselor like she was. She sent him to Bo Tai so that he could learn from the best, and she tried everything herself. However, as much as she tried to make a Support monster out of Yimburbur, he wasn’t meant to be one. And how was he going to become a counselor if he never got to say a word that wasn't "Yimburbur"? He turned out to be a big brute. A brute with some great healing skills that did stick, but still, a brute.

Yimburbur is Nature Attacker with a bunch of Support healing moves. He's Immune to Control and his skillset includes heavy damaging moves that can provide Healing and Regeneration to his teammates, or Block Healing for his enemies. His Life is quite high for an Attacker and that, along with his self-healing skills, makes Yimburbur very durable.