The final battle of the Warmasters against the Titans was decisive for the multiverse of Monster Legends. It ended with a victory that saved all monsters, but it wasn’t an easy one: A hero had to take one for the team and sacrifice himself to guarantee a bright future, and that was Sherezar.

Yes, the Magic Warmaster died in the final battle against the Titans, making the victory bittersweet for his friends. All of them mourned him, but it was Necromancer who had the hardest time. He and Sherezar had been friends for many years, they had worked together at the school of magic and had their own magic projects.

As you can imagine, Necromancer wasn’t ready to let go of his friend. For his entire life, most of his work had been about the power of resurrection, so he thought that there was nothing to lose… Sherezar was his friend,  he had to at least give resurrection a try. Pulling such a powerful being out of the arms of death wasn’t an easy task. It took Necromancer years to achieve it, but he finally did. One day, Sherezar woke up again but… he was changed. He wasn’t completely himself. He was as nice as usual but there was an emptiness in his eyes and it felt like death hadn’t left his body and, even though he was as powerful as before, his powers were different now.

Scared of the result of the resurrection he had performed, Necromancer told Sherezar to go into hiding so that he wouldn’t be a hazard for other monsters, but after years of sitting around in his loneliness, Sherezar had had enough. His powers may be different now, but he’s still the most powerful wizard, he’s still the Magic Warmaster: Sherezar is ready to step into the battlefield!

The Magic Warmaster is a magnificent Control monster. He is Tough, so status effects have 35% less chance of hitting him. He also has a brand new and exclusive area trait: True Vision! True Vision doubles the Precision of all attacks so it will help bypass traits like Bulwark, Tough, and Hardened. At the start of every battle, Sherezar casts a protection against cooldown activation, and that will be the start of your victory! With his random Control and Torture skills, it will be hard for the enemy to set a strategy.

Sherezar has skills with new magic torture: Curse, which removes 10% of Health and Stamina on the first turn, 20% on the second turn and 40% on the third turn! This makes Sherezar absolutely lethal.