Cain was the most feared creature in Monstelvania. He was the one who bit and turned Count Vlad into the monster he is today. When he was around, no other vampire dared to bite in his area because that was like eating from his plate - an offense he didn't forgive. But then, one day, he disappeared. No one knows where he went. Count Vlad spread the rumor that he had finished him so that everyone believed he was powerful enough to defeat anyone, even Cain, but the truth is that not even the Count knew where Cain had gone. For years, no one spoke about his absence. They were all just secretly hoping he'd never come back. After some time, Count Vlad stepped forward and proclaimed himself Ruler of Monstelvania and King of Vampires, but deep down inside, he always feared Cain would come back and take back his territory by force.

Well, Count Vlad, now your deepest fear has come true. Cain is back, but what does he want? Why had he left at all? Where has he been all this time? And... What is going to happen in Monstelvania now?

In battle, Cain is a Fire Attacker with two traits! Abomination, which makes him immune to Possession, Nightmares, and Bleed and Bleed Hater, which makes him deal Triple Damage to Bleeding targets! Cain has skills that give him extra turns and make enemies Bleed. His skills also include Stamina recharging, life-stealing, and Evasion, which make him very versatile.