Zahra is the closest thing to Mother Nature all the creatures in the Cardinal Forest know. She was there before Talika and before all the other monsters, but she looks as fresh and green as she’s ever been. Many years ago, Zahra had to leave with the rest of the Warmasters to defend the greater good, but she left the forest in good hands: General Alces’ hands! However, under General Alces’ ruling, a rebel arose: Nadiel. Nadiel wanted to turn all Nature monsters into pure attackers, breaking the balance and causing terrible chaos among the creatures of the forest.

When most Warmasters returned to their homes, Zahra decided to explore and help other forests instead of returning with her beloved ones since she thought that General Alces would be doing just fine. However, it wasn’t long before she received a message from her dear friend Talika, warning her about the extreme situation her homeland was going through, and the minute she read it, she was on her way.

Her arrival wasn’t smooth. Nadiel was very strong, and he wasn’t willing to step back just because Zahra told him to, but she had a plan. She gathered all her followers and, in a battle, Nadiel learned the hard way that attackers can’t win on their own: He was beaten by an excellent team of tanks, control and support monsters, all led by Zahra, who then returned to power with the respect of every single Cardinal Forest inhabitant, including Nadiel!

Zahra is a Nature Support monster and, like the other Warmasters, she has both her trait and an area trait: She is Tough, and her bare presence in battle increases the Total Life of her allies by 50%! That's already a big advantage to start a fight but she has something else: At the start of every battle, her team will become Immune to Torture for three turns! Her skills include protection to Torture, status effect removal, and Botanophobic Shields which only let Nature damage in. She can also apply Damage Mirrors to her allies and give them an extra turn and Precision after removing their negative status effects.