Elvira was a guardian angel until she lost one of her protégés, a good monster that was fighting against the slavery of other creatures. After this event, she faced trial and she was sentenced to lose her wings and leave Heaven. 

With no wings and no job, Elvira was devastated, so she decided to do something good: Finishing the mission her protégé had started. She trained day and night to become stronger and to acquire fighting skills apart from the protection ones she had. With her new abilities, she managed to save the slaves from the terrible lives they were living. She also stopped the enslavers who had kidnapped them. 

Her deed didn’t go unnoticed in Heaven and the angels decided to ask her to come back. However, the moment she put her wings back on, something happened… She got even stronger… Stronger than ever… Unstoppable. Elvira became something like a boss, like a master, to all angels without ever having to confront anyone. They all just knew how powerful she was.

One day, a baby demon was brought into Heaven and it started a huge debate. On one side there was Remiel, the Guardian of the Gates of Heaven, who was completely against allowing the baby to stay. On the other side was Ragnael, his right hand on the job, who was once a demon himself and was trying to convince Remiel to give the baby an opportunity.

“But it’s not the same! You earned your wings with effort. The prophecy says that this baby is destined to become a Lord of Hell. By letting him stay, we’re putting everyone in danger.” - said Remiel to Ragnael.

But then, Elvira walked into the discussion:

“Enough. Leave the demon to me. I will make sure it becomes the most faithful angel of us all. I will train him and protect him myself, and I will not hear another word about it.”

Just like that, Elvira took the demon under her protection. He would later become Fire Warmaster Barbael and demonstrate that Elvira was right: He’s the most faithful angel of them all.

In all the years they spent training together, Elvira and Barbael developed a very special bond, one that only they two could understand. They received some frowning from other angels, who were jealous of their little club, but no one ever dared to say anything to them, after all, they were Warmasters.

Do you want to know what makes Elvira so special? She is exceptional in battle: The Light Warmaster has very high Life and is amazing at protecting her team: She can apply Damage Protection to her allies, stopping 50% of the incoming damage. She can also apply something called Photophobic Shield, which stops all damage except the one coming from skills of the Light element. She can also hit her enemies hard and apply Sunburn to them.

But if there’s something that makes Elvira unique it is her exclusive battle mechanic: At the start of the battle, she applies Evasion to all her allies. It doesn’t matter how quick she or her enemies are, because this status is cast before any turns start! As an extra, she makes them all Immune to Blind and status effects have 35% less accuracy against her. 

That’s Elvira!