iMigbo has been a huge fan of VoltaiK’s ever since he was a kid. He started watching videos about him, then he began to make his own videos about his battles and all he wanted was to meet him and become his sidekick. He trained night and day to be the perfect complement for him, and one day, the chance arrived. VoltaiK was in an arena near iMigbo’s place so he went there to watch… but when he arrived, VoltaiK was in trouble! He was having a really hard time against an extra turn stealer, so iMigbo decided to jump into the arena. When VoltaiK saw that turtle with blond afro hair, he thought that it was a joke, but when iMigbo attacked, he was more than impressed! From that moment on, iMigbo and VoltaiK have made a great team, even if they don’t understand each other very well, since VoltaiK only speaks English and iMigbo only speaks Spanish.

In battle, iMigbo is a heavy Water attacker. He possesses a new status effect: Drown. Drowning targets will receive Water damage and lose Stamina on each turn while the status works. iMigbo can also Possess his enemies and even disable the trait of any of them!