Necromancer was a respected professor at the Superior Academy of Magic. His status of Warmaster, as well as his knowledge and experiments, made him a leading figure. However, it was also his experiments what raised suspicions among his colleagues. When he started running tests with life and death and making discoveries that allowed him not only to resurrect but also to manipulate resurrections, the faculty thought it was too dark for an academy. Necromancer was brought before the council and he was asked to quit his experiments. He understood the situation, but he had made such advancements that he couldn’t stop now, so he decided that he had to leave the academy. It was hard not only for him but also for the council and faculty; after all, he was a prestigious contributor to their community.

In spite of the setback, it wasn’t long before Necromancer found a new home. A rich monster from Monstelvania, Count Vlad, offered a wing of his castle to Necromancer, with no conditions: He could do whatever experiments he wanted there. It was an offer the Warmaster couldn’t refuse, so he immediately moved into Count Vlad’s castle and resumed his work. On his side, all Count Vlad was to show off his influence and power: he had a Warmaster living in his very own home. Some started to say that the illustrious Count had a Warmaster working for him… a false rumor that he never tried to deny. Actually, he assumed that giving Necromancer a home and a place to work entitled him to ask a couple of favors every now and then.

Necromancer is a very fast Dark resurrector with a set of skills you've never seen before: He has vampiric attacks that give him life when damaging enemies, and here comes the interesting part: He can resurrect enemies, Possessed, that will die after one turn! He can also revive one ally with Double Damage and an extra turn! But that's not all: He can revive all allies! Also, as a Warmaster, Necromancer has very special traits: He is an Extra Turn Stealer and Hardened, which makes status effects have 35% less accuracy against him. But then there's his area trait! All of Necromancer's allies become Immune to Possession.

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