The prophecy said that two brothers, destined to become the two most powerful demons of all time, would be born on the 3rd moon of that year. This had been revealed to the Lords of Hell, but what they didn’t know is that a snitch had told the Lords of Heaven the information in that prophecy.

On the night of their birth, an emissary from the Evil Legions of Hell came to get the babies and take them to Hell, where they would be trained to rule the place in the future… But he was surprised by an angel who had come all the way from Heaven to prevent him from recruiting the two demons… or Heaven would be in trouble!

The emissary from Hell rushed to grab the babies and flew away, but the angel was following him too closely… He was about to reach him, so he had to make a decision and do something to distract his chaser. He threw one of the baby demons while he was flying over a volcano, and the angel had to choose between stopping the emissary from taking the other baby or saving a creature who was going to die. In the end, his morals drove him to give up on the chase. He dived and caught the baby just in time: He had saved it. But what now? What was an angel to do with one of the future kings of Hell?

He took the baby to Heaven and they made the decision to raise it as one of them. They named it Barbael and it grew up as a powerful angel with the blood and power of a demon. Who would have told the Lords of Heaven that a demon would become their most valuable angel, a soldier to lead the Good Legions… and a rival to his estranged brother, who became a Legend in Hell: Barbatos.

As a Warmaster, Barbael is the fastest Fire control monster, with a very high Life! He has a very special trait that makes him Hardened and that gives Damage Boost to all his allies! His skills are very impressive: He’s masters both Total Blinding and Trait Disabling like no other, and he can also apply torture effects like Ignite and Sunburn!

Barbael will become one of the scariest rivals you can come across in battle.

Why is Barbael so powerful and why should you get him?
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