This colossal beast once led a race of giants. When he began abusing his power, they created a potion and hid it in his food. But the potion was so powerful, it caused him to grow a venomous eye. He eliminated the traitors who had tried to poison him, one by one, with furious anger. Now he’s feared not only by his own race, but also by all country monsters, who want him as far away as possible: because of the potion Balor took with his food, anything he looks at is instantly blighted. His effects over the crops are devastating.

If Balor was that cruel with his own kind, can you imagine what he can do to his rivals on the battlefield? He can double his maximum life and have all enemy attacks directed towards him, like the tank he is, but he can also deal great damage and apply torture effects, like area Quicksand and Poison. Balor has just one eye, but it will be useless for his rivals to have two when all of them suffer from Total Blind effects at the same time!