When Talos appeared in the Monster Legends dimension, everyone was shaken by its impressive appearance. General Holter was nervous because it seemed as if Talos was a Metal Artifact monster that he didn’t know about. How could that be? He immediately requested a report from Ingenica, since she was the creator of the Artifacts. In her reports she made it very clear that she had nothing to do with this machine in particular. By observing its components and technology, Ingenica determined that Talos had come from a distant universe and a distant future. It was however, impossible for her to discover who the mastermind behind its conception was, or what its destruction target is.

The fear that Talos has generated in Monster Legends has taken its inhabitants to consider it a Nemesis. It’s an unstoppable damage dealer and it can disable its enemies’ traits, and then come back with an extra turn!

With its Metal blades, Talos can make its targets Bleed, making the amount of damage it deals even bigger. These blades also Blind targets, so its best to just stay away from them!

With its Magic blades, Talos can Sunburn and Stun its enemies, not only hurting but also stopping them!

With its Nature blades, Talos can Poison and Hack a rival, so it will not be a rival anymore!