After raiding the neighboring villages with his tribe of orcs, Shork grew bored and decided he needed to go out into the world and conquer the seas for a brand-new adventure.
He soon discovered the pirate life and instantly knew that he had found his thing. Shork became particularly interested in shark hunting.
The thrill of diving into the water and fighting body to body against ferocious beasts with powerful jaws and bone-crushing teeth is the kind of electrifying entertainment Shork likes.

However when he discovered that there was a shark who had become a famous pirate he thought, “A shark with a ship?
That doesn’t make any sense.
Sharks are food, not captains.”
This thought slowly became his obsession and now all he can think of is getting his hands on Cavenfish and ending this nonsense himself.

When it is time to fight, Shork is a very strong monster who can both deal and resist great deals of damage.
He has powerful attacks with low cooldowns, and he can make himself even more powerful, because he’s a great self-buffer: Damage Boosts, extra turns,...
Shork makes sure he wins!