For a little while now, General Uria had been feeling that although he had the title of Commander of the Thunder Army, he wasn’t really the one calling the shots. After all, it was VoltaiK whom everyone looked up to.

The situation came to a head when a battalion of soldiers asked VoltaiK for permission to make a strategic move. That’s when Uria decided he had had enough, so he called the only monster who hated VoltaiK more than he did: Tesaday.

Together General Uria and Tesaday started devising a plan to take VoltaiK down. They finally reached the conclusion that they needed a brand new monster, a monster who could destroy the superhero’s signature skill: his extra turns. With this in mind, they began experimenting with ways to stop their archenemy.

However, VoltaiK had a suspicion that something was being plotted against him so he used his super speed to travel around the world looking for culprits. Tesaday and Uria had to think fast. They needed to find a safe place for their project and there was no place on the Earth where VoltaiK wouldn’t be able to find them. Eventually they asked to collaborate with Noctum, who had the ability to open portals between different universes. After requesting a few favors, Noctum agreed to help them find a place in the Multiverse of Monster Legends that wouldn’t be reachable for VolktaiK’s super speed.

Uria and Tesaday spent months hidden away in the Medieval Fantasy universe, where Thorder, who happened to be a good friend of Uria’s, protected them. Finally, the day to unleash their project arrived. They had finished Faraday, a Thunder monster capable of stealing extra turns! While on the job, Tesaday ceased the opportunity to give Faraday an Earth weapon, so that he would have some of his skills as well.

When Noctum saw the result, it was so amazed that it decided to give Faraday a Dark weapon too. With it, Faraday would be able to defeat Earth monsters, who are strong against Thunder. It was the perfect trick.

Now that Faraday is ready, all that Uria, Tesaday, and Noctum need to do is place him in VoltaiK’s universe, so that he can initiate the takedown!

The only problem is...Faraday is much stronger than Uria, Tesaday, and Noctum, so why would he obey them and stop after destroying VoltaiK? Oh no, he won’t stop until he rules the world.

And he has everything he needs to conquer the world: He’s a natural torturer, with extremely powerful single-target skills that can also remove great amounts of Stamina. But what makes Faraday unstoppable and unique in battle is his trait: Anticipation! Whenever a rival means to perform an extra turn, Faraday will jump in and attack before that rival’s extra turn… Can you hear VoltaiK crying in a corner?

Depending on the weapon that Faraday brings into battle, he will have extra abilities: The Thunder weapon is focused on Blinding enemies, the Earth weapon will Stun and apply Quicksands, and the Dark weapon can Poison and make targets Bleed!