Zimnyaya was born a peasant in a small village, where he had many followers as a self-proclaimed overlord. He used manipulation, betrayal, and political propaganda to climb the ranks, murdering both rivals and followers along the way. Power is his sole ambition.

Get ready to give cold sweats to your competition, because the fastest control of the game has arrived.
With a speed of 4.508 (at level 130, with no speed runes), Zimnyaya ranks among the top 5 fastest monsters of the game... even better, he's the only one of those that can cast a Freeze over multiple enemies, stopping them before they can even attack. And for the situations where you really need to focus on single menace, Zimnyaya is able to Freeze a single opponent for 2 turns (Mega Freeze!).

All these attacks become even more dangerous when Zimnyaya is on the battlefield, as it can cast Freeze Hater on its allies, multiplying by 3 the damage dealt to frozen enemies.

Krampus, Cavenfish, Frostwrath... your days are over. Now it's time for Zimnyaya and his army to submit Monster Legends onto an eternal winter.