When the leaders of the Underworld discovered that Ragnael had left them to become part of the Good Legions, they set up a search party to destroy him. Fortunately for him, Firyna, who knew better than anyone what it was like to be in between good and evil, was there to lend a helping hand. Together they came up with a plan: they’d mix the Cells of the two to create a monster specifically designed to defend Ragnael: Firael!

In battle, Firael supports his fellow attackers with amazing effectiveness: He can clear their negative effects, protect them from effects like Freeze, Blind, and Burn, give them Precision, boost them with Damage increase and even give them Double Damage!

But Firael is not there only to boost, help, and protect. He also has hard hitting skills that will Burn his enemies! In his special skill, he will both ruin his enemies and heal his allies by 50%!