As a little girl, Anna was fragile and lonely. For most of her childhood, she had no friends at all, but then she met Patrick and they started playing board games together as a hobby. When they jumped into one of their games, Patrick became Burning Rogue and Anna became the Dungeon Master. She became a hateful creature, wanting other monsters to just follow and obey her. Her power trip took her to the dungeons, where she spent her days challenging any monster she could find. Ever since she gained the control of the dungeons, all her joy comes from exploring the weaknesses of monsters and their masters with traps and encounters.

This controlling personality is reflected in battle. When the Dungeon Master is treated with respect by her allies, she can help them by deactivating all their cooldowns, but when it comes to her enemies, she plays his worst games, frustrating them by activating their cooldowns and annulling their Precision.