The post-apocalyptic Wastelands are ruled ruthlessly by the brothers Roxen and Nexor Cox with the assistance of their squad. Lately, their greed has gotten out of control, —and they are taxing anyone they find living in their territory just for being alive.

Everyone thinks they’ve gone too far, but there’s someone who has had enough and is ready to stop them. His name is Scrap Warrior. Outfitted with armor made of junk he’s picked up around the Wastelands, he’s ready to fight not only the Cox brothers, but anyone else who tries to challenge and take advantage of him.

In battle, Scrap Warrior is a high damage attacker who can also decrease his enemies’ Precision drastically by totally Blinding them. He’s the first monster who can use this skill, but he also has another great ability: he can apply Bleeding to all his enemies! In his special skill, he can apply Total Blind and Bleeding at the same time!