From a very young age, it was clear that Ingenica’s intelligence was above average. She was just a child when she started creating her own little machines to play,  and soon she became famous! Her signature monsters, Artifacts, are craved by all Masters, and her latest creation, Relics, will change battles forever. Just like The Keeper and Pandalf are very important in the history of Monster Legends, Ingenica has a key role to play in its future.

In battle, Ingenica is a very fast curser with extraordinary abilities only she owns. In her years of experimenting and studying, she has discovered how to disable her enemies traits! Also, as the creator of the artifacts, she knows their weak spots better than anyone, so she can give her allies and herself the Artifact Hater effect, which allows them to deal extra damage against Artifacts. In her special skill, Ingenica can disable her enemies traits and apply Possession to them. All in all, a unique monster!