The real wild child. She left home at a young age to join a gang of bikers led by Rador. She was a savage biker, always screaming and getting into fights. When she heard that in a Metal band she could actually get paid for her screaming, she didn’t hesitate and she joined Metalhead immediately.

However, she and Metalheäd can clash sometimes, since they both have huge egos and savage ways. It doesn’t matter because the bigger the tension and competition between the two, the more spectacular their shows get.

Metalisha is a damage-boosting monster who ranks among the fastest in Monster Legends. Her early entrance into battle allows her to help her teammates to unleash the ultimate destruction. That super-speed comes in handy because this rock diva can grant an extra turn to any of her allies, also increasing their stamina. However, this massive boost comes at a cost: The target ally will be SO fired up that it will suffer Ignite!

Her heavy metal tunes are able to awaken the most primal and violent instincts from her allies, which means that she'll be able to boost their allies damage up to three times higher their usual values.

Being nearby to a rockstar means a never-ending party: Metalisha is able to resurrect a dead ally so that it has another opportunity to bash its enemies heads.