Ever since in the middle of a big battle, Master Kihaku made a massive dragon emerge from nothingness and destroy all his enemies, no one dares to question his power. But Master Kihaku is much more than a Legendary fighter: He also offers counsel to people. However, it is harder to decipher Kihaku's advice than to find a solution for the problem yourself.

In battle, Kihaku likes to confuse and stop his rivals, something he’s great at! He can Possess and Freeze in one skill, so if one of the status effects doesn’t hit, he has another one up his sleeve!

Kihaku’s balanced spirit allows him to have control over both his enemies and his allies, so one moment you can ask him to give his team stamina and remove their negative effects, and the next moment he can ruin his enemies’ next turns by removing part of their stamina and applying Stamina Leak.