Llum and her brother Ingvar had always been a great team, rising to the top as the most unbeatable Light element team ever. Although Llum had always stood out as the smarter, stronger and more powerful, when the Light army appointed a leader, Ingvar was chosen over her. Llum was furious that she had been overlooked just because a big, imposing male on the frontline would look more intimidating in battle. This was a great dishonor, especially since the Light monsters knew perfectly well that she was their most valuable asset. She was second to none, so she ignored their pleas to stay and rule under her brother’s shadow. But before leaving, Llum raided the Library and took all the Books about her brother’s victories. Now that the Dark Dimension in which all Nemesis monsters were trapped has been opened, Llum is out, ready to take the leadership of the Light army, kick out those who underestimated her, and keep only her supporters.

Llum demonstrates her power in the battlefield by playing with Stamina and status effects. She will make it very difficult for her enemies to attack and buff themselves. At the same time she boosts her allies by all means possible. Depending on the weapon you choose, she will acquire deadly abilities: With the Light one, she can Sunburn, with the Metal one, she can apply Bleeding, and with the Magic weapon, she can Stun!