Tulekahju had always tried to dissuade his son Granuy from following the dangerous path of battle magic. He even sent the kid to serve Vodyanoy at his pond in the hopes that he could learn support magic. Granuy learned a lot from his new teacher, but he could not shed his true vocation and, after some time, he left Vodyanoy to follow his own path and learn the most dangerous tricks he could find. After years of training, Granuy returned home to his father and told him about the many adventures and battles he had taken part in. Tulekahju felt so proud of his son’s achievements that he finally understood that it was his destiny to become a battlemage.

In the battlefield, it is easy to tell what Granuy learned from Vodyanoy and what he picked up in his own adventures. Thanks to training with Vodyanoy, he is one of the very few Fire monsters who has developed Water skills, which makes him strong against his own element! He can also support and protect his allies.

However, although he can provide support in battle, Granuy is also a major league attacker whose aggressive Fire skills can do tremendous damage, and he can apply all sorts of negative status effects on his enemies.