Mountezuma is the divine leader, the shaman, and the protector of his own reptile empire inside the Aztec civilization. His arrogance is unlimited and he holds all those roles himself because he considers everyone beneath him, even Kulkan, who he has as nothing else than a simple guard, in spite of his proven skills and his magnificent achievements.
Mountezuma is a control freak outside and inside the battlefield: His Possession skills are unsettling for his vassals and terrifying for his rivals, who can spend up to two turns attacking their own team.
The emperor is evil and untrusting, so he will Poison his rivals and activate their cooldowns just to see them powerless and helpless.

Many have tried to rebel against Mountezuma, but he cannot be moved from his throne. His Mountain trait makes him resistant as an emperor and specially as a rival: He cannot be Frozen or Stunned!