Flamerion was found in a dusty hangar, sitting in a corner, waiting to be used as a mass destruction war machine.

This artifact consists of an unquenchable molten lava core, contained in a special metal capsule, designed to refrigerate itself so that it won't melt from the heat it holds inside. The core’s fire can be managed and deployed to kill through a system of mechanisms and weapons. Flamerion is pure destructive technology at its best:

Being an Artifact, status effects don't work on Flamerion, which means that it cannot be stopped by Stun, Freeze, Possession, etc. It also cannot receive damage over time by effects like Burn, Poison, Sunburn, etc. It is a very special machine since, in spite of being Metal, most of its attacks are Fire ones! This means that it will be the only monster able to use the power of Fire without being vulnerable to Water, which will grant you an edge on Team Wars and other modes that use restrictions. On top of this, it is able to make the entire enemy team vulnerable to Fire, despite their main element. Flamerion can apply Burn, Ignite and Bleed in one hit, which will make the enemy lose 45% of its life in one turn! This makes this killing machine perfect to fight against high-life monsters.