Samael was once a soldier in the Good Legions. He was flawless in battle and fair in judgement. But this all changed one day, when General Nishant captured Samael’s little brother Ismael, crushed him and turned him into cursed Elementium, which he used to gain strength.

It was then that Samael became obsessed with life and death. He started delving into black magic and investigating ways to punish General Nishant for having taken his brother’s life. He made pacts with the Lords of Hell, trading secrets of the Good Legions for the power to resurrect monsters from the dead. The extraordinary new ability that Samael had acquired soon drew the attention of the leaders of the Good Legions, and it wasn’t long before they found out that he had sold their most precious secrets in exchange for his new powers. Samael was immediately banished from the Good Legions. However, at this point, he didn’t care: he could resurrect whoever he wanted in battle! Maybe someday he would even be able to bring back his brother.

A soldier of the Good Legions being kicked out and acquiring resurrection powers is such an unusual event that it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Evil Legions: Dark monsters are fascinated by law-breaking sorcery and cursed half lives. Naturally, Samael quickly gathered followers from the Evil Legions. With his new collection of admirers, time for vengeance has arrived: the death of Ismael shall be avenged, and General Nishant will pay the high price of handing his own army to Samael.

In battle, Samael is quite unique: Not only does he have two skill that can resurrect teammates, and heal all of them at the same time, he can also make his enemies weak to attacks of the Special element, owned by Legendary monsters.

Depending on the weapon you choose to equip on him, he can gain other special abilities: With the Dark weapon, he will get as Dark as Darkness gets. With the Light weapon, Samael can apply Sunburn and Blind to his enemies. The Metal weapon allows him to give Nightmares and Bleeding.

Samael is Bulwark, which means that all status effects have only a 50% chance of hitting him.

When ranked, Samael is capable of giving an Extra Turn and stamina to any of his teammates. With his Light weapon he Gives Extra Turn, Stamina and Double Damage. The Metal version gives an Extra Turn, full Stamina, Damage Increase and Precision!

Samael’s powerful Special Skill resurrects all of his teammates!