A fascinating insect, the Sparking Mantis: Unlike praying mantises, who kill their mates after mating, the Sparking Mantis likes to keep them in its habitat. That way, when it's feeling low on stamina, it just goes home to its collection of victims, shocks one, and sucks stamina off it. That way, the Sparking Mantis keeps hunting and collecting new victims non-stop.

To avoid losing all your monsters to the greed of this bug, the best idea is to keep it busy in battle: The Sparking Mantis is a natural attacker and stamina controller: it has high damage skills and drains its opponents’ energy with most of them. Even when the Sparking Mantis has used all of its own stamina, it has a trick up its front legs: a skill with a 0 stamina cost that will give it a shot of stamina and stamina regeneration! However, when this insect gets greedy it can be a problem: It doesn’t like to see its opponents bursting with energy, so it has an attack that can drain their stamina down to zero. As you can see, this capricious monster does whatever it wants with all the stamina in the battlefield.