"Very long ago, Warthak was a powerful war lord. He commanded an army of chaos dwarves who conquered every land they claimed. They had great weapons and no moral values so, wherever they went, they took control. Warthak was feared through many regions and he was considered the most dangerous and powerful Earth monster around. It all changed one day when in one of his conquered lands, a miner dwarf unearthed a massive golem and it came to life. The name of this golem was Atum.

Atum made it his job to defend and free the tribes in Warthak’s conquered lands. As the word of this liberation quest spread, many of the monsters oppressed by Warthak developed courage and bravery to face their oppressor. All the miners, villagers, and country-monsters tormented by the chaos dwarves banded around Atum and proclaimed him their leader.

The battle lasted many weeks and Warthak sacrificed all his allies to avoid having to face that stupid golem. However, in spite of all his efforts, the time arrived for Warthak to face Atum. With the support of all his followers and a little help from his bodyguard, Atum defeated Warthak at the end of an epic battle. The leader of the chaos dwarves had no choice but to leave, furious and humiliated. Sometime after his defeat, Warthak reappeared briefly to join other repudiated monsters. They raided the Library and he stole the books that narrated General Atum’s victory over him. After that, he was banished along with them.

Many years have passed, and now Warthak is determined to change the end of his story. He’s older, he’s wiser, he’s stronger, and he’s studied all of Atum’s flaws. The time for vengeance has come, because Warthak is back with a new strategy: Warthak is an Unstoppable Shield-breaker. He has immunity to Stun, Nightmares and Possession! Almost all his attacks break or block Shields on his enemies. His brutal axe attacks hurt opponents not only upon hit, but also in throughout several turns!

How will he be stopped?