Jasastur used to live only in the dimension of dreams, tormenting monsters in their sleep. Then, one day, he was having fun chasing Baba Yaga through a dark forest in her sleep, but to her, the nightmare got so real and intense that her mental powers unconsciously brought Jasastur from the dimension of dreams to her very own real-life hut. Now Jasastur is on the loose, and he has very strong powers that can bring his enemies’ nightmares and fears onto the battlefield!

When Jasastur takes control of his enemies' minds, there's no way to escape. He drains their stamina, gives them Nightmares and, what's most dangerous: He can Possess them all in one move! His special attack hurts all enemies heavily, stuns them and makes them Bleed. But what makes Jasastur most special is his unique trait: Abomination. This feature makes him Immune to not one, or two, but three status effects: Possession, Bleeding and Nightmares!