For years, Patrion suffered a curse that obscured his soul with hate and evil. At one point, the dark in his soul had gained such a strong presence that it turned Patrion into a new being: MMOnster, a dark lord who conquered the world wide web one battle at a time. With every conquest, he got stronger and stronger, but also eviler. When there was almost no good left in MMOnster and his friends decided that he had gone too far. Together, they broke the curse and rescued Patrion from inside his dark armor. Now he’s embraced the light, but he hasn’t lost one bit of his strength!

Patrion is an extraordinary attacker with very high stats. His skills deal high damage. He can apply Sunburn and Bleeding to his enemies and he has no mercy with them, removing all their positive status effects. When you face Patrion, you cannot trust him to lose the battle when he has low life, because he has self-recovering abilities!